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October 2016 Exhibition


Knitwear designer ADRIENNE PAGE features vibrant and flowing garments made from cotton, muslin,                                   merino and boiled felted lambs wool.
Adrienne works with Knitwear companies in NZ                            to make her limited edition fabrics and she                                                    individually hand cuts and sews each garment.

The Exhibition EASY ELEGANCE features vibrant and flowing garments in natural cotton, merino and boiled lambs wool.

My great inspiration was having a Mother, who was always knitting or sewing and her dream was to do it full time, but unfortunately that never happened, so it was only natural I continue her dream and she became my trouble shooter for many years whether hand knitting, machine knitting or sewing which I think kept the sparkle in her eyes.
Being creative and having a love affair with colour and natural fibers, I could not find cotton knit fabrics that were non-pill and when washed would keep their shape, so ten years ago I found a couple of Auckland Knitwear companies and a Dyer willing to translate my ideas into quality machine washable knit fabrics and this has been very successful to those customers who wanted something that was totally different to the main street fashions. I have since branched out into boiled lambs-wool which is made for me in Dunedin. 

For many years I have been selling to shops and I really enjoy being a stall holder at Craft markets around NZ because of the personal contact with my customers and am now busy making stock ready for the summer market season down south.

I have since moved to Oamaru and am a member of
The Oamaru Textile Emporium Co-op where on my days in the Gallery I have learnt to spin and the tourists are really intrigued and cameras and videos are the norm.

Adrienne Page
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