Fibre Spectrum Co-operative
February 2016 Exhibition
“ Connections”
Artworks, Wearables & Accessories
felted by - Local Felter - Mary Andrews
& Visiting Felter from Germany - Heike Krueger
Artists' Statements:

Mary Andrews
Feltmaker in Nelson, NZ
Member of the Fibre Spectrum Co-operative.

Heike Krueger
Feltmaker in Clenze, Germany
Member of two Art Co-operatives

We connected in 2009 on Heike's first visit to Nelson, when visiting Fibre Spectrum.
On her next visits to New Zealand, we went together to
felting retreats in the North Island and in 2013 we shared a great Art Project in the Marlborough Sounds - creating our lovely mermaid Amanda, situated on the roof of the Boat Shed adorning the entrance of Lochmara Lodge in Queen Charlotte Sound.

Our connections are in feltmaking, love of the ocean, colour sense, yoga, & a wholistic based philosophy. There are many parallels in our day to day lives, which we notice with our regular Skype connection. Over the years this friendship has grown into a good strong connection.

Our connection to each other is not only in feltmaking, but in many other ways.
And sometimes it's just good to see that people on different sides of the world have the same things to deal with .....
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Connections - Verbindungen

Connections are essential for life within or without our bodies.

is connected in a spiritual way.

A heart to heart connection is a wonderful thing

Connections are multifaceted: physical, using rope or thread, or muscle fibre, fibre optics or energetically between beings.

Fibre is the connecting word, from Muscle Fibre, through to Fibre optics

Wool fibres connect with each other, and with materials like chiffon or other loose woven fabrics.

Here is our collection of Connecting Fibres, to connect with you, viewing this exhibition. . . .