Fibre Spectrum Co-Operative
January 2017 Exhibition
'Creative Journeys...Exploration and Experimentation'.
Ronnie Martin & Jo Kinross
showing work which features stitching and Indigo.
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Creative Journeys - Exploration and Experimentation

Exploring and experimenting with ancient processes has inspired this creative journey. The collection consists of individual works by Jo Kinross and Ronnie Martin plus a range of unique dresses featuring the collaborative skills of both artists.

Traditional natural dyeing and stitching techniques used in a contemporary way bring expression to the work.

Organic indigo, sustainable plant dyes, ethically sourced organic cotton cloth (some of it handspun and handwoven) together with linen and silk form the foundations for many of the pieces.

The stitched artworks reference old maps, precious fragments, disintegrating tapestries and journeys of the past.

The Artists and Creative Journeys

Jo Kinross works with plant dyes and natural fabrics using environmentally responsible processes to bring a contemporary twist to an ancient art. Working with a sustainable indigo fermentation vat and exploring various techniques of traditional Japanese Shibori have been the primary processes used to create the colour and patterns for her items in this

Ronnie Martin works with textiles and mixed media. Traditional stitching gives a modern interpretation to create work where the stitch is used as a mark making tool.

Creative Journeys Workshops is a collaboration between 3 Nelson based professional artists - Jo Kinross, Ronnie Martin and David Ryan. They offer workshops and classes in painting, mixed media, textiles, natural dyeing and much more. Creative Journeys Workshops also works in conjunction with Arts Council Nelson to organize the popular Creative Arts Network in Nelson. nz