Fibre Spectrum Co-Operative
December 2016 Exhibition

Lyn Hamilton and Lois Morgan

Lyn's works include - Bags, painted image, deconstructed books,
text, found objects and layers of stitch and memory.
Lois's works - Book-eared dogs and dog-eared books.
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Artist's Statement: Lyn Hamilton
Books and art have been a part of my life for many years, Including some time spent as a librarian, and 4 years as a student in art school. I have been erperirnentIng with collecting found objects, old and altered books, weathered objects which retain memories of their past life.
Works have included old books, book titles, book spines, painted image, deconstructed books, text and found objects, and building up interwoven layers ot stitch and mernory.
In my art work, surfaces are embellished with thread, collage, acrylic paint, paper and found objects which to me depict history and memory. My own photographs are incorporated with fragments and layers of memory to capture an essence of the past. I have used my own family history as a base for exploring history, building up interwoven layers ot stitch and mernory.

Lyn Hamilton email:
Price Lists:
Lyn Hamilton:

Small Notebooks:            $25.00 each
Recycled Suitcases:        $130.00
Book Marks:                    $8.00

Small framed paintings:  $120
Assemblages:                  $210
Recycled Book Bags:      $110
A5 Booklets:                    $32
Knitted Bags:                   $120

Lyn Hamilton email:

Lois Morgan:

MDF Book-spine Covered Dogs:   $95
Book Cover Dogs:                         $80
Driftwood Dogs:  The Preacher    $80
(2 x NFS)

Lois Morgan email:
Ph. 03 5477734 or 027 4431820